Photography: the beginning

It’s now more than two years that I have purchased my first reflex camera. A Canon EOS 1300D, which I bring along almost everywhere. There was a good deal on a website, so I told myself: ”Give it a try!”. I have started like you with the 18-55mm lens from the kit. During the first year, I have made my first tests and experiences, using Auto mode most of the time, or pre-defined modes. This way I could take my first landmarks for composition and light.

This is one of the first shot I took with the camera. I was not that good in composition. I presumably had the best spot to take a picture of the valley with the mountain in the background. But I cut the cable car by half... Actually, the mountains were the only thing I had in mind. I completely missed that photography was also storytelling.

Then, I have started to look here and there, what’s done on social media. During a walk in Romandie, I came accross the book from Nicolas Croce: J’apprends la photographie - 25 exercices pour progresser et réussir ses photos. Unfortunately in French for my dear English speaking readers 😪, the titile is: “I learn photography, 25 exercices to improve and succeed with photography.

With its 25 exercices, you can even learn the “photographer yoga”. 🤗

These readings and practising exercices made a lot in understanding aperture, ISO and shutter speed, often known as triangle exposure. All of this to be able to play with light.

In the beginning, I just wanted to know my camera, how it’s working to start using the manual or semi-manual modes. My favorite being the AP (Aperture priority) mode, it’s presumably the most useful when you want to shoot landscapes. After a course with the Swiss School of Photography in Zürich, I have learnt the long exposure techniques to shoot the Fraumunster. It’s amazing what you can learn with 2 hours of course and practice. Below is the outcome of this class, it’s been like something clicked...

After this class, I have purchased my first wide angle lens: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and of course a tripod (Rollei).

Few months later, I have subscribed to Lightroom, as you quickly come to the fact that almost every picture is post-processed. I will talk about this in a next article.

Lately, I also wished to replace the lens from the kit to improve the picture quality and to create further. The wide-angle from Tokina has its limits in terms of zooming. I have chosen a second-hand lens the Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3, it’s less bright than the Tokina, but pictures are amazing. I also purchased it for its low price (below 100 CHF, this was a great deal!) in the boutique Photo Vision in Lausanne.

Since then, I take more time for photography. I’m trying to shoot at least once a week (it’s my hobby), and I am willing to share here or via social media (Instagram) the emotions I have shot in a picture frame.

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